Analysis of today’s Pakistan 

Silent Military, aggressive judiciary and unpredictable Nawaz Sharif. 

Who would’ve thought that this would be possible in a country where sepoys want Salaar to speak, session court takes a decades to resolve property disputes and GT road calls a judicially dishonest person its prime minister. 

Inter Alia, a media backed playboy is losing ground. Is he really a tissue paper of the retired boys? Harassment allegations and Haneef Abbasi’s legal battle had already weakened him enough but Mr Play boy decided to put some icing on the cake by calling GT road supporters of Nawaz Sharif dumb. Where is he going? Perhaps losing patience. Khan has wasted all of his cards in the first round

There are three players left in the game. 



Nawaz Sharif

Will the judges keep the article 10 in mind and take themselves off the NAB trail?

Will Army continue to stay professional and focus on its job?

Will Nawaz Sharif stay in his constitional limits and adhere to legalities? Will he try to normalize relations with the army?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, Pakistan will be forced towards a martial law. 

70 years have passed and we are yet to resolve rift between our institutions. Pakistan’s progress is dependent on the decisions these three players. 

Happy Independence Day

Pakistan Zindabad 

Steps that can end Pakistan’s dilemma of Inefficent labour force 

Pakistan lacks in creating a productive engagement environment between its education and industries which results in lack of efficiency in the labour force in almost every major sector. With proper review and analysis of the current public education model, things can change quickly. Moreover, the way our industries are showing lack of interest in shaping our  labour force and its skill set,  we might not be able to meet our future skillset demands. Several more things can be pointed out but to be more productive we should focus on changing things. This can be done with new steps that our federal and every provincial government should take to make our labour force more efficient. It will boost our economic progress and make our educational institutions more industry focused and result oriented.

Governments should take steps which ensure

  • Mandating internships as part of our degree and diploma programs
  • Allocation of financial resources towards career and placement centres of our educational institutions
  • Subsidizing educational costs in the areas where Pakistan lack human capital through industry funding
  • Promoting our industries to work with educational institutions in curriculum development to increase efficiency of labour force
  •  tax credits to organizations which hire interns from small towns and underdeveloped areas
  • development of industry funded learning tools for public institutions
  • Development of funding mediums for tech entrepreneurs
  • Promotion of polytechnic programs that are more practical and hands on
  • Creation of fully industry funded engineering schools
  • Creation of industry backed education loan programs that cover full cost of education

With these steps, we will not only improve our labour force but also give more access to quality education and promissble future for the next generation and industries will benifit from it too

Pakistan’s Iniquitous hate on Afghan Refugees 

On the world refugee day, It is very important for Pakistanis who want to kick out almost 2 million Afghan refugees to understand that this point of view and  treatment is not ethical. We want to kick the Afghanis out because they are a part of the problems on the western border. Allegedly, Indian intelligence agencies are backing them up to create issues for Pakistan but isn’t it our failure that our neighbour is not backed by us but by our enemies?

As an immigrant living in Canada, I am aware of the importance of diversity and acceptance. Racism is on its all time high. Islamophobia is costing a lot of lives. Muslims have been very strong advocates of diversity and Anti hate movements across the world. 

Isnt it hypocritical that Pakistanis want to remove Afghanis and yet oppose the Muslim ban?


In my university, during prayers and other social gatherings, I became friends with several Afghan Canadians. They have respected me a lot and said good things about Pakistan and appreciate our support of their refugees. This made me regret a lot of bad things I used to say to my Afghan friends during my time in Pakistan. I was a hardliner against free and unmonitored movement of Afghan refugees and the porous western border. I didnt realize that Pakistan itself was creating problems.

I feel that It is my duty to inform people about some facts that might change the thinking of Pakistan about Afghan Refugees.

  • Afghan Refugees moved to Pakistan because of the wars and unrest. Just like the unrest our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW was facing when he migrated to Meddinah
  • Afghan Refugees didn’t leave their country by choice. They left because of the wars that Pakistan has been a part of by supplying weopens and militants
  • Afghan Refugees are not a financial burden on Pakistan because UNHCR grants us 400 USD per family which is not spent on refugees by the government
  • Afghan Refugees are a vital part of or economy. Both in terms of the remittances they bring in and the business activities they carry out
  • Afghan Refugees stayed here longer because of the delayed war campaigns of NATO
  • Afghan Refugees have no access to Embassies and Counsulates of many countries in their homeland and visa services are mostly offered through Pakistan.

Hence there is no justification for the epidemic of hate and anger against Afghans. Pakistan should focus more on improving its foreign policy, immigration and vetting process rather than hating on and forcing Afghanis out of our country. This will improve bilateral relations and create an environment in which a peaceful Afghanistan can prosper after NATO forces leave Afghanistan.

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